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Big Data investigates but Machine Learning solves

The phrase 'Big data' excites and attracts data experts, analysts, news reporters and cyber security experts because it is the “crime scene investigator” of the data science arena.

However, due to its very nature, Big Data houses extremely large and complex amounts of information on internal business systems containing user and customer information which makes it possible for data analysts to provide insight into trends, patterns, breaches or failures.

Whilst big data can help solve an issue, data breach or a crime after it occurred, it does not help prevent it in the first place, and we all know that 'prevention is better than cure'. Although humans are prone to error there is a wealth of opportunity for businesses to understand and create a strategy based upon all these new insights. Furthermore businesses may choose to provide training for staff regarding security in an attempt to keep systems safer, but it is not by any means the antidote or the catalyst for prevention.

A possible solution could be machine learning currently seen as a cutting-edge technology and built upon mathematical algorithms that learn and visualise in real-time, enabling computers to learn without being explicitly set to a strict set of parameters. Machine Learning is the same technology that powers Amazon and eBay's recommendation engines, self-driving cars and it is currently the most useful tool businesses have in the fight against online security.

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Written by Nick Dereka, Head of Digital, Prime People Plc.