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Security researchers discover Industroyer

Paycheck, Heartbleed, Stuxnet are phrases synonymous with hacking and now there is a new exploit in-town known affectionately as Industroyer.

Security researchers have discovered malware capable of disrupting industrial control processes similar to the 2015 BlackEnergy attack in Ukraine whereby energy firms were the main target.

Industroyer is a particularly dangerous threat since it is capable of controlling electricity substation switches and circuit breakers directly. To do so, it uses industrial communication protocols used worldwide in power supply infrastructure, transportation control systems, and other critical infrastructure systems (water, gas).

These switches and circuit breakers are digital equivalents of analogue switches; technically they can be engineered to perform various functions. Thus, the potential impact may range from simply turning off power distribution, cascading failures, to more serious damage to equipment, and may vary from one substation to another. 

You can view the original article here.
Summarised by Nick Dereka, Head of Digital, Prime People Plc.