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The data and analytics team recognises that this function is one of the fastest growing globally across industries. It is a known fact that it is a candidate short market, in order to be able to offer our clients the very best, it takes more than just understanding data.

We bring value to our clients by adopting a stringent selection process that encompasses assessment of in-depth technical skills as well as soft skills. We have specialist recruiters who educate themselves constantly to gain in depth knowledge across various functions within data.

We place higher importance in soft skills and look for emotional intelligence and communication skills in our candidates. These traits are essential DNAs for the organic growth in any organization.

We have partnered with a number of MNCs and start-ups across various functions and industries to help their team upscale. Whilst any staffing agency can provide you results, we take pride in providing a service that focuses on a seamless process for both our clients and candidates.




Head of Prime Insight

I have been working in Tech, Digital and Data/Analytics recruitment in Asia for 10 years', out of which over 8 spent building and managing teams.

I was hired by the Prime People Group in mid-2017 to take ownership and rebuild the broader Prime Insight business, from Asia initially.

I have always believed in a specialist's, very relationship and quality-driven approach to recruitment, and this is very much how we operate at Prime Insight. I am proud to say we have built really amazing teams in both Hong Kong and Singapore, and we are now looking at the next steps of our growth and development.

When I'm not in the office, you will most likely find me sailing, playing squash, enjoying the outdoor wonders of Hong Kong (hiking, beaches, etc.), and of course spending time with my wife and little ones.

Associate - Singapore

I have always been in people-centric businesses. Whether it was a sales job, customer service, or recruitment - I thrive in social settings and connecting with people.

Recruitment is truly the purest form of sales, as it combines sales, people management, emotional intelligence, and psychology into the typical placement cycle and each candidate/client we deal with has a different perspective and values than the previous one. This is why I am so passionate about my career, and naturally, the careers of my candidates and how those careers develop with my clients.

With over 12 years in sales, including 3 years within recruitment across global geographies (Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong), specializing entirely within Data & Analytics, I offer candidates and clients in-depth expertise and professionalism and a promise to uphold top recruitment services to both candidates and clients. I am not afraid of being honest, to manage unrealistic expectations of both clients and candidates, and to go that extra mile to deliver results. Feel free to reach out to start a discussion. I'm always happy to chat.


I have been working in the tech recruitment world for almost 7 years', first in Luxembourg and then Hong Kong for the last 4 years'.

Specializing in IT and Data Tech recruitment has always appeared as a foregone conclusion to me, as it combines two of my hobbies: meeting key tech players who share my passion for tech and/or AI, and connecting them to each other!

Fascinated by Archeology and Astronomy, I have always been driven by scientific research and innovation. Therefore, being able to meet IT or Data experts ready to challenge themselves everyday is a chance to me. And helping them to meet each other, to work together, in the interest of technological avance makes me feel like a (small) part of it. If you recognize yourself in the above, even slightly, I will be happy to meet around a coffee, a lunch or, better, a beer!

Recruitment Consultant - Hong Kong

I am a Campaigner, a “true spirit” according to the 16 Personality study.

I have set foot in 25 countries for work and holidays, I embrace the different cultures and foods, and can say 1 sentence in 25 languages.

I am an IT veteran and a live IT recruiter, specialising in tech development and Data & Analytics. I also enjoy connecting, sharing, and helping the tech community by putting the right people in the right places.

Recruitment Consultant - Singapore

Before joining Prime Insight, I have held roles in HR, project management, risk & compliance, and sales.

My multidisciplinary exposure and open-minded approach make me an ideal enabler between candidates and clients to simplify this overwhelming process.

I am eager to partner up with candidates who are keen to grow in the areas of data/tech. I assess my candidates for their communication skills, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and thought process. areas of specialization: - data scientist, data engineer, data governance, BI analyst/manager - developers - LAMP, MERN.

I am also a passionate teacher and advocate for emotional intelligence and conduct life skills clinics across organizations and educational institutions around Singapore to help individuals get closer to their Ikigai! In my free time, I part-time DJ for house/techno music. Whats' next? Send me your CV for a confidential discussion. Let's meet for a coffee to discuss your ikigai

Recruitment Consultant - Singapore

I come from Psychology background. Before joining recruitment, I always wanted to be a psychologist/ researcher. I even did a year of PhD to pursue my scientist dream:)

But recruitment is where I truly belong - my curiosity in how data science is going to change the world always gives me the passion to truly understand my candidates. My amiable nature connects me to people instantly. My integrity at work serves my clients effectively and honestly.

A new mum who is very proud of her “ah bao”. A Malaysian in blood and soul. Love hanging out with my closed friends including my husband. Love yoga so that I can concentrate and love piano so that I can express.

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S$80000.00 - S$120000 per annum

Sector Permanent, Singapore, Qualified/Associate/AVP, Data Science



S$5500 - S$6000 per month

Sector Permanent, Singapore, Qualified/Associate/AVP, E-commerce



S$90000.00 - S$120000.00 per annum

Sector Permanent, Singapore, AD/VP/Manager, Architecture Tech



S$9000 - S$11000 per month

Sector Permanent, Singapore, Director/EVP, E-commerce


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