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Head of Prime Insight

I have been working in Tech, Digital and Data/Analytics recruitment in Asia for 10 years', out of which over 8 spent building and managing teams.

I was hired by the Prime People Group in mid-2017 to take ownership and rebuild the broader Prime Insight business, from Asia initially.

I have always believed in a specialist's, very relationship and quality-driven approach to recruitment, and this is very much how we operate at Prime Insight. I am proud to say we have built really amazing teams in both Hong Kong and Singapore, and we are now looking at the next steps of our growth and development.

When I'm not in the office, you will most likely find me sailing, playing squash, enjoying the outdoor wonders of Hong Kong (hiking, beaches, etc.), and of course spending time with my wife and little ones.


I have been working in the tech recruitment world since 2013, first in Luxembourg and then Hong Kong since 2016.

Specializing in IT and Data Tech recruitment has always appeared as a foregone conclusion to me, as it combines two of my hobbies: meeting key tech players who share my passion for tech and/or AI, and connecting them to each other!

Fascinated by Archeology and Astronomy, I have always been driven by scientific research and innovation. Therefore, being able to meet IT or Data experts ready to challenge themselves everyday is a chance to me. And helping them to meet each other, to work together, in the interest of technological avance makes me feel like a (small) part of it. If you recognize yourself in the above, even slightly, I will be happy to meet around a coffee, a lunch or, better, a beer!

Associate Director - Singapore

I have always been in people-centric businesses. Whether it was a sales job, customer service, or recruitment - I thrive in social settings and connecting with people.

Recruitment is truly the purest form of sales, as it combines sales, people management, emotional intelligence, and psychology into the typical placement cycle and each candidate/client we deal with has a different perspective and values than the previous one. This is why I am so passionate about my career, and naturally, the careers of my candidates and how those careers develop with my clients.

With over 12 years in sales, including 3 years within recruitment across global geographies (Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong), specializing entirely within Data & Analytics, I offer candidates and clients in-depth expertise and professionalism and a promise to uphold top recruitment services to both candidates and clients. I am not afraid of being honest, to manage unrealistic expectations of both clients and candidates, and to go that extra mile to deliver results. Feel free to reach out to start a discussion. I'm always happy to chat.


Macdonald And Company Pt Ltd Company Licence Number 16S8127
Licence Number: R1766636

Recruitment Consultant - Singapore

My passion is to work alongside candidates to understand their motivation and career goals, pathing the way for them by connecting them with the right jobs and employers. I strongly believe in getting to know my candidates on a personal level and building long term relationships with them.

Outside of work, I love traveling and exploring new countries. I spend the weekends working out at a boxing or spin studio and spending time with my dogs.


Macdonald And Company Pt Ltd Company Licence Number 16S8127
Licence Number: R1987376

Consultant - Germany

I have 2 years of experience in tech recruitment, especially for clients in Banking and Insurance. I spent some years between France and Ireland to complete my Master's degree in Business. My curiosity is now bringing me to Mainhattan to pursue my career.

What I love about recruiting is facing new challenges with every client and to find talented people matching their needs. Each connection is an opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge and to build strong relationships.

My favourite hobby is playing rugby. If I am not on the pitch, I also like to watch games with my friends. Travelling and sharing good food always make me happy!

Looking forward to connecting!

Associate - Singapore

I am an accomplished recruiter with more than 12 years’ experience in the industry. A graduate of The University of Birmingham, I began my career working in television advertising in London before discovering the joys of tech recruitment … and have never looked back!

I spent 9 years' working in the UK for a highly reputed IT recruitment firm before an exciting and life-changing move brought me and my family (2 mini McCoys in tow) to the little red dot.

I have been working in tech recruitment in Singapore for nearly 3 years' and manages a number of high-profile and highly valued accounts. My clients span large start-ups, insurance and fintech companies to smaller digital agencies, working across mid to C-level tech roles. My ever-busy and successful desk is run with a fresh and positive approach, providing clients and candidates alike an engaged, committed and streamlined service.


Macdonald And Company Pt Ltd Company Licence Number 16S8127
Licence Number: R1766639

Senior Consultant - Singapore

Heading up the Digital & Performance Marketing desk at Prime Insight Singapore, I work with well-known brands in Tech, eCommerce and other industries including a pool of Top talents.

Experienced in SEM/ SEO/ Social (Paid & Organic), I am also a certified Digital Marketer that understands the technical know-hows on executing campaigns focused on growth.

My key placements include Heads in Digital, CRM, Loyalty Marketing, Offline Media and Partnerships.

I strongly believe in providing excellent service to both clients and candidates by sharing quality roles, giving timely feedback and making additional efforts to make sure that it's a right fit for both parties.

Outside of work, I hang out with my furry buddy, Rufus, by bringing him on walks and watching Netflix together. I also enjoy a nice and intense game of basketball or just catching up with friends over coffee and chilling. Looking forward to being of service to you Digital Nomads out there. Cheers!


Macdonald And Company Pt Ltd Company Licence Number 16S8127
Licence Number: R1769007

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Sector Permanent, Singapore, AD/VP/Manager, Banking



$7000 - $9500 per month

Sector Permanent, Singapore, AD/VP/Manager, Digital



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Sector Permanent, Singapore, Qualified/Associate/AVP, Data Management/Governance



$90000 - $110000 per annum, Benefits: Permanent Role

Sector Permanent, Singapore, Qualified/Associate/AVP, IT Security


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