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Will Data Analytics finally take centre stage in 2017?

Lets face it the high street can be quite a daunting place, especially when you consider the number of shoppers all looking for the same bargain they just can not walk away from...and it is usually in the same store that you're in. This highlights the change in the 'average shoppers' mindset and can be attributed as one of the factors as to why shoppers use the internet when purchasing goods.

Data Scientists are already in great demand globally as businesses compete to harness the data they have been collecting from their online offerings and transform this information into actionable insights. How many Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day or January Sale items were you tempted into purchasing? and how many promotional emails did you receive attempting to persuade you into parting with your December/January pay cheques? These all started with a Data Scientist filtering through said data.

The old adage remains, Knowledge is power and in today’s digital economy, the power that knowledge can wield lies in the insights that it can offer customers and end users online behaviours and the impact on revenues and sales.

As we continue to create more data across a spectrum of mediums, wearables, social networks etc. businesses will see more opportunities to share data across their services with some platforms already gearing towards specialising in this field. Analytics are already being undertaken in your home with approximately 3 million digital assistants in the UK alone (Yes, I am referring to Alexa sitting on your kitchen work surface or Siri hid in your work drawer.) It sounds scary, but relationships between time of day and particular activities could allow for advertisers to personalise themselves to individuals on a much deeper level.

Although monumental advances in the analytics industry continue, it needs to find a way to increase its trust with end users to truly take centre stage this year... until Machine Learning hits the ground running... but let us wait and see.

Written by Nick Dereka, Head of Digital, Prime People Plc.